3D Artists & Sculptors

Jesse Sandifer

SERVICES: Freelance Collectibles Sculptor

I’ve been in the CG industry since 2000, starting in architectural visualization for several years before learning and transitioning completely to character art after 5 years. After being a co-owner of a Dallas animation studio for 9 years, then leaping to full-time freelance for a year…


SERVICES: Art Director and Sculptor

My name is Alejandro, I am professional sculptor for more than 10 years. I am working for several companies like DC, Sideshow, XM Studios, Gentle Giant, Pop Culture Shock, Prime 1 Studio, Hasbro etc. With Licences like Disney, Marvel, DC, Star Wars etc.

Rafael Mustaine

SERVICES: 3D Sculpting

My name is Rafael, was born in Sao Paulo Brazil I’m 34 years old and currently work in the company as Iron Studios character modeling for the collectibles market. I like it Comics, Movies, Games and Photography. I’m always in touch with art.


SERVICES: 3D Sculpting

I have a background working as a 3D generalist in commercials for the past 9 years. Now working full time as a sculptor for collectibles


SERVICES: 3D Sculpting

Hi I´m 3D Artist and Graphic designer / Sculptor of collectibles / Illustrator. If you are interest in my work send me a message below. I am always looking forward to the next project.

Julio Cesar Benavides Macias

SERVICES: 3D Sculpting

Hello, my name is Julio Cesar Benavides Macias, I am 26 years old and I live in Mexico. I am a 3D sculptor of collectibles, send me an enquiry below if you would like to commission me for a future project.

Leo Tunesse

SERVICES: 3D Sculpting

I am a 3D artist. I started working on 2D years ago and then I got into the 3D world to unite both concepts for better final results. Now I am dedicating myself to the collectibles industry because I find it the most satisfactory of all experiences.

Otto Nueve

SERVICES:3D Sculpting

Hello, I’m Antonio (aka Otto Nueve) I have a Fine Arts Degree Background, I was working for AAA games and now exclusively to digital sculpture for collectibles.

Sumit Malhotra

SERVICES: 3D Modelling

I have 6 years of experience in gaming as a 3d Character Artist and these days i am working for 3D printing companies as a character artist and sculptor.

Carlos Mario Bernal

SERVICES:Modeling for 3d print, games, Cinematics, animated feature films and commercials.

I am a CG artist, passionate about 3D sculpting, animation and 3D rendering. Experience in character modeling for 3d print, games, cinematics, animated feature films and commercials.

Alexis “Brutikong” Velazquez

SERVICES: Creature Design, Prototyping. Custom Statue collaborations

Long history in the Video Game industry. Monster maker and Character designer. 3D Printing Enthusiast. Interested in developing new and Original IP’s.


SERVICES: 3D Modelling for 3D Print

My name is Leonardo Peralta, I’m 3D character artist focus on character development. I make high poly detailed sculpts, I have an advance skill in organic and hard surface modeling.


SERVICES: Sculpture and video game artist

I have been in video game company from last 12 years. As a enthusiast sculptor i have started sculpting statues and collectibles.


SERVICES: Digital sculpting for 3D Printing, Artwork for games.

I have been doing 3D artwork for more than 10 years, Mostly providing freelance services related to 3D printing and game assets. I love my field of work and enjoy it everyday.

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