This is the moment you have all been waiting for. Here it is. The Xmas Tree Mod has now been completed and is ready to replace your Eaglemoss one. The creative minds of Chloe Powell and Corrie Hollingsworth have made this thing truly amazing.

Here’s the Eaglemoss presentation of Build the Delorean from the hit film Back to the Future. This is a weekly subscription part build that I can’t wait to get my teeth into. It will span 130 issues.
If you want to subscribe yourself just head on over too

also there is an excellent Facebook group to compliment this build at

There is also plenty of mods that are being incorperated in the vehicle and these can be found at

The Facebook MOD group is

If you are interested in the speedometer mod, carpets, Time circuit, wheel and other decals contact Mike Lane at
Mike Lane is also part of the Facebook group above.

If you are interested in a replacement flux capacitor circuit or housing then contact either Chloe Powell or Corrie Hollingsworth on the Facebook group above.

Corrie also does other items including the hoverboard, camcorder and “Hilldale” wall which looks great in a diorama.

Corries Email is

Chloe’s Email is chloe

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