This was the first ever LIVE CV Show Hangout replacing the pre-recorded CV Show every week throughout December. This is to allow us more editing time on the Golden Collector Awards nominee, intro and special recognition award videos. It will also allow us to have on more guests and interact with people in the chat comments.

On Episode #10 of The CV Show we discuss the following:

04:45 – 1. Past statues vs Present statues. Which is better and will we look back on the statues released today as we do the OG pieces released 5-10 years ago?

20:17 – 2. Statue Delays. What do we think of them and should companies be more transparent why a piece is delayed with their customers?

38:00 – 3. What is better – To build a shrine to a character with multiple pieces or to have just one amazing representation of that character in your collection?

54:12- 4. Live Chat Q&A. We answer questions put forward by viewers in the chat to the group.

Joining us on today’s episode is:

Ian Dempster (Collector-Verse)
Chris Morrett (Collector-Verse)
Richard Melbourne (Collector-Verse)
Thor Gunderson (Darth Castle)
Rodney Jones (Darth Castle)
Jason Bond (The Odd Couple Statue Reviews)

This episode was filmed on Sunday 19th November 2017.

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