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**Spyro the Dragon Documentary Rundown**

2:51 What made you decide to release Spyro now? Was it influenced by the Crash Bandicoot remake?
7:37 How did you decide on the pose?
9:33 How do you choose the base?
10:43 What have you done to prevent the wings breaking during shipping?
12:03 What was the most difficult part of translating the 2D cover art to a 3D statue?
14:39 How come you chose not to have Sparx with the figure?
15:27 How many separate pieces is the figure?
16:03 Classic Crash design had a lot of community input, but Spyro did not. Were you confident with his design from the start?
19:38 What kind of new challenges came with this figure?
20:53 Would you consider putting the game logo on the statue base?
22:50 Spyro has so many design iterations now, what made you choose classic Spyro? Will you consider making different Spyro versions?
25:43 1990s 3D models weren’t the most detailed. What are some of the details you have added?
27:23 Is this Spyro made of true dragon scales?
27:44 Dragons are staple of statue collecting. How does it feel to have an entry into that, and what sets Spyro apart from typical dragons?
29:54 What did you discuss as potential EX features? (Exclusive reveal)
33:48 Why did you decide to use glass for the gems?
34:43 What made you choose to do the gems in Spyro style, as they changed in Spyro 2?
35:40 Why did you choose clear gems over painted ones?
38:00 Extra Exclusive details revealed.
44:15 Shout-outs.
45:26 Size information.
49:06 Do you think you will be making more Spyro in the future?

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