Golden Collector Awards 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Golden Collector Awards. It’s time to celebrate the achievements of content creators and artists in the past year.

We want to thank everyone who supported the Golden Collector Awards and especially the 2260 people who cast over 20,000 votes.

On the show we have 22 award categories to announce as well as 18 giveaways for those who voted. We also did a live Facebook giveaway. Enjoy the show

Congratulations to all the nominees, winners and people who won the giveaways. Enjoy the show!

Show starts at 04:08


1. Only one prize can be won per entry. Once a voter has won a prize in the giveaway they cannot win another.

2. Voters must enter their full name and email into the boxes provided when voting in order to be in with a chance of winning. We will only use your details to notify you how to claim your prize.

3. Please make sure all emails and names are correct as any wrongly enter entries may be voided from winning if cannot locate the winner.

4. Shipping and import fees are to be handled by the winner of the prize. Collector-Verse will contact the winner to arrange delivery and all postage payments will be due by Paypal before the giveaway can be sent. Proof of postage amount will be provided. Import fees depend on the country you live in.

5. If you cannot pay for shipping and import fees then the giveaway will have to be re-drawn. The giveaway is not transferable and it cant be exchanged for a cash amount.

6. You can enter your name into the prize draw up to 3 times using the 3 voting categories.

7. Use the buttons above to navigate between the 3 voting categories.

8. The prize draw will happen prior to the show taping on December 9th and winners will find out on January 8th when the show airs online. A video will be released of the winners being chosen so that everyone knows that the process was fair and correct.

9. All prizes have come direct from the supplier and have been checked over by our team.

10. The winner of the First 4 Figures Bowser statue will receive their statue as soon as it is available and we will communicate with the company to make sure your order goes into their system correctly.