Weapon X 1:4 Statue by XM Studios up for pre-order on 11th December

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XM Studios have announced the pre-order date for their upcoming 1:4 scale Weapon X Statue.

Information from XM Studios Europe

Dear Collectors and Friends, we have an update on Wolverine – Weapon X Project and the Pre-Order date. After doing extensive testing and research, we are pleased to share that the ‘Wet’ effects will be manufactured according to XM’s high standards. Many collectors have voiced their concerns over clear resin (wet effects) turning yellow over time. All clear resins will turn yellow over time but XM has created a special mixture that reduces the yellowing to the minimal and after multiple ageing tests, the final results is looking good with the slight natural yellowing pretty much unnoticeable (many failed pieces until we are happy with the final!). The product photos shown is the production piece after ageing tests of the final wet effect.
In order to push out first batches as early as Feb 2018 (before the CNY), we are opening the Pre-Order for XM Weapon X earlier on this Monday, 11th Dec. 19:00 o´clock evening (German Time Zone). Retailing at €1200 with XM Studios famous switch outs and light up features, we hope collectors will be please with this piece! A news with more information will follow at Pre-Order day next Monday.

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