What is the Collector-Verse?

We welcome you all to the Collector-Verse. We developed this website with the intention of uniting collectors from throughout the collecting world. A single platform where they can showcase their reviews, advice and chats.

We set out on this journey as collectors, simply by conceptualizing a system that we would like use ourselves. We wanted to craft a tool that would be easy to use, include an refined search facility making it easier to locate content on your favorite characters or collectible types.

As a collective we have no desire to compete with or replace many of the inspiring content creators, Facebook groups or forums that currently exist within our community. In fact, we hope you will see many of them part of the Collector-Verse in the future.

The Collector-Verse is a new system but we have great ambition, drive and ideas. We intend to add fresh content daily as well as new collectors who wish to be part of this journey with us. Whether you collect statues, Hot Toys, Prop Replicas or Funko Pops, we hope that the Collector-Verse will be a home to you all and help increase your exposure as content creators.

In the Collector-Verse there is no brightest star, all that matters is that you make great videos with interesting content. We are one big collecting family and we would like to keep it that way. We want to see our hobby not only survive but thrive for many years to come.